Modern methods for treating early baldness

Treatment of early baldness is an important topic that a large number of people care about, because baldness is one of the most important problems that affect many men regardless of their age, but the biggest problem is when baldness occurs early, although although baldness is not a pathological condition Or a life threatening problem, but it is a problem that causes psychological discomfort and a bad psychological state, it is known that hair loss is with age, but its appearance early on the individual feels his lack of self-confidence and his desire to isolate from his companions and companions and his shyness from exposure to embarrassing situations due to his baldness, But medicine did not leave Meg For only it proved the effectiveness and had a wonderful role, so emerged in recent years many of the treatments that help reduce baldness or addressing the problem itself, in this topic we will talk about early baldness and its causes and methods of treatment for those who care about this problem.

Modern methods for treating early baldness

Modern methods for treating early baldness

The concept of early baldness

Early baldness is hair loss from the head completely at an early age and the cause of this loss may be genetic factors in the first place along with some side causes, including: psychological factors, tension, anxiety or organic diseases that a person may have without his knowledge, and this loss will be a symptom Symptoms of this disease, or baldness may be due to chemotherapy and other factors, but genetic factors are the most important reasons for this early baldness.

Symptoms of early baldness

Symptoms of early baldness appear during adolescence, especially at the age of 18 years and appear in the form of hair loss and lightness and the emergence of voids significantly, but the most common is the appearance of this baldness from the period of 25 years to 30 years, when the condition of baldness begins sweeping the head and the front hairline begins In retreating from the baseline until the scalp appears free of hair except for a few hairs that quickly fall out if the person does not search for a solution to this problem since its inception or noticing severe hairfall.

Symptoms of early baldness appear as follows:

    Weak follicles and hair loss in large quantities.
    The scalp becomes unusually dark.
    Feeling of itching and pain in the head.
    Falling hair does not sprout again.
    The white crust appears unusually in the scalp.

Causes of early baldness

Baldness is clearly apparent in men, as both men and women may develop baldness, but it appears clearly in men, whether total baldness (i.e., the scalp is completely hair-free) or partial baldness (i.e. the appearance of some hair in some separate places), but in women it may Hair falls out and becomes mild, but baldness does not appear fully like men due to hormones.

Among the most important causes of early baldness are the following:

Genetic factors, stress and psychological anxiety, hormonal imbalance, taking some severe medications, deficiency in some vitamins, anemia, some organic diseases.
Methods of treating early baldness

Modern methods for treating early baldness

There are many treatments that are used to treat early baldness, especially if the problem is discovered early, including natural methods, including pharmacological methods, and we will review each of them in detail.
The most important natural remedies include:

Using castor oil: It is one of the most important natural materials that are useful in treating early baldness, as it moistens the hair and stimulates follicles to promote hair growth and regrowth. Castor oil can be applied to the hair by applying a little oil to the palm and gently massaging the scalp with it.
 Aloe vera: One of the effective treatments for hair growth and stimulating follicles to restore their vitality, is useful in treating early baldness and restoring hair loss. It has many enzymes that help revitalize follicles. A few aloe vera can be placed on the palm of the hand and gently massage the scalp.
Black pepper: Black pepper helps to treat early baldness, especially if it is mixed with lemon juice and applied to the scalp, it has amazing results, especially if it was applied more than once.

There are many important nutrients that are useful in treating early baldness but only if they are used early to treat intense hair loss before the condition deteriorates. These mixtures include lettuce juice, spinach, coriander leaves, onions and others.

The most important pharmacological treatments include:

Minoxidil: It is one of the most important drugs used to treat early baldness, and this drug is used twice a day on the affected area, but it is advised not to use this drug more than necessary because it has side effects such as itching and dry skin.

Finasteride: One of the most famous treatments used to treat baldness in men has amazing effectiveness and results. It is found in pharmacies in the form of tablets or capsules, and is useful in treating cases of early baldness, it has many famous brand names.

Hair transplantation: It is considered the best solution for those who do not find a result with natural or pharmacological treatments in treating cases of early baldness, it is a cosmetic process in which some hair follicles are extracted from a good area and it is called the donor area and then it is transplanted in a specific way in the affected area that needs transplantation, Many techniques appeared to her, but the first technique appeared the slide technique, and it had some side or negative effects, after which the best picking technique appeared and its negative effects are not considered and many other techniques that depend on the same extracting technique but they differ in the method of extracting the follicles appeared Or plant it in the affected area, it is considered the best treatment for baldness cases.

Prevention of early baldness

Through what has been mentioned about early baldness and the psychological problems that cause it, care must be taken to contract this disease, even if this disease is hereditary in the first place, but it can be prevented through some of the following points:

    Avoid extreme stress and anxiety.
    Avoid using cosmetics harmful to hair.
    Doing exercises beneficial for the body and hair.
    Use good shampoos and reliable types.
    Avoid the causes of fatigue and stress, and make sure to sleep enough hours.
    Use good styling tools such as wide-toothed wooden combs.
    Resort to the doctor when noting the deterioration of the situation.

In the end, early baldness is a problem with multiple hair problems, which begins with hair loss intensively and ends with the appearance of a scalp free of hair, causing many negative and psychological effects for the individual, especially if the person neglected it and did not search for a solution to it, so dear reader as soon as you notice your hair loss Abnormally or exaggerated it is necessary to search for the cause of this problem so that it can be treated before the problem worsens and the situation deteriorates. Poetry is a blessing from God’s grace that must be preserved and solve all the problems that it encounters like any organ in the human body