What are the causes of hair loss in adolescent girls

What are the causes of hair loss in adolescent girls?

Are you a teenager? Do you suffer from continuous and excessive hair loss? You must deal seriously with this situation. Hair loss is not only a problem of an external aesthetic appearance, but rather an indication of the health of the body as a whole, and this symptom of hair loss accompanies many pathological conditions of the body, both physical and psychological.
Causes of hair loss in adolescent girls

But treating hair loss will be effective only if you understand the causes of what is happening. Therefore, in today's article we will show you the reasons for teenage hair loss in detail. Follow us:

What are the causes of hair loss in adolescent girls

In fact, hair loss is a natural process of replacing hair, as old hair discloses the way for younger hair to take its place, meaning that it shortens the life year of hair like other assets and all people, men, women, teenagers, and even children, are subject to it.

How much hair should fall out in one day?
Ideally, the number of hair should be equal to the age of its owners. But the concern is only if the number of hair falling starts to exceed 100 hairs per day then it can be said that the situation is not going well.

In what is exemplified, you see the reasons that precipitate hair loss among adolescent girls?

Causes of hair loss in adolescents:

The direct or indirect causes of hair loss in adolescents are many, and in fact they negatively affect health in general and hair in particular. Therefore, an integrated approach to treatment is very important.

The direct causes of hair loss in adolescents:
1) Fatigue: When your hair suddenly begins to drop dramatically and unprecedentedly, that hair loss is likely caused by mental and physical stress. At the same time, there is an important point:

Hair reacts to stress by falling out with a significant delay in the speed of growth. You may already forget that you experienced stress, and after a month, two or three, your hair falls out. Try to remember, most likely, that you have been in a stressful situation over the past period, when you will understand how this affects hair.

And the stress that you are exposed to can be psychological, through feelings, fatigue, chronic lack of sleep, depression, and sadness, in a way that greatly affects the health of the hair.

Tension, if both our hair and body are tired, and it can cause us any disease. Treating these diseases with many medications can affect the hair.

Often, teenage hair loss comes from diseases related to hormonal background and metabolism. Weight loss is almost always accompanied by hair loss.

2) Hormones: Teenage hair loss can be caused by a defect in female hormones, such as childbirth, puberty, or menopause, or the use or hormonal contraceptive use, as well as an increase or decrease in thyroid function.

It is easy to check if there are any of these reasons already with the tests if you want to know the real reason for your hair loss and to check the health of your health.

In addition, hair loss can lead to infectious diseases, disorders of the digestive system, liver, gallbladder, anemia, and various types of diabetes so identifying its causes and treatment is imperative and necessary.

3) Lack of diet: the body’s stress and inadequate nutrition, especially when eating a lot of ready-to-eat, fast-food meals that lack vitamins, protein, iron, and other substances needed for healthy hair that causes hair loss. Hair grows faster and thicker after cleansing toxins and maintaining a healthy diet.

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4) Environmental conditions: Sudden change in climate may in turn cause hair loss to teenagers, so if you are taking a recreational break at the edge of the sea in the summer, without keeping your hair under the hot sun, and going home without a hat you will suffer from this crisis.

Indirect causes of hair loss in adolescents:
All the above mentioned causes are direct, but unlike them there are other indirect causes and in rare cases, they can be the main cause of hair loss in adolescents. We'll show you in detail in this part of the article:

1- Dyes and chemicals: These powerful, destructive measures that you take to improve your hair affect all aspects of hair health and cause excessive hair loss.

2- Exposure to high and low temperatures: frequent use of hair dryers and irons will undoubtedly weaken hair, and hypothermia causes cramps in the scalp, causing hair to fall out and then damaged.

3- Smoking: You should also know that smoking, which many learn during adolescence, affects hair faster than it affects the lungs and liver and causes hair loss.

4- UV rays: the effect of ultraviolet rays, especially those found in the composition of sea salt, in turn leads to oxidation and destruction of the protective lipids of the hair and the formation of free radicals, which weakens the hair and leads to hair loss. So always try, when swimming, to wear tight hats.

5- Inappropriate Care: Sometimes adolescent hair loss is observed due to the use of harmful masks or excessive hair care.

This list can go on for the reasons for teenage hair loss, because each person is different from the other, and the situations are simply unimaginable and limitless.

In an attempt to determine the causes of hair loss. If, in the past three months, there are no stresses in your life, you may need to have your hair checked by a hair expert.

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