What are the causes of sudden hair loss?

What are the causes of sudden hair loss?

Everyone loses 30 to 50 hairs a day. Possible causes of normal hair loss are seasonal changes, which is a very natural thing, especially in the beginning of autumn, and this temporary loss of hair ranges between (4-8 weeks). Also, during this period, people may have lost hair from 2 to 4 times larger. From the rest of the year.

But sometimes a sudden hair loss occurs at a surprising and unprecedented speed, an event that needs to be studied and understood deeply and carefully to determine its causes and then consider and address it. To know the causes of sudden hair loss, follow this article with us:

What are the causes of sudden hair loss?

Hormonal imbalances:
Hormonal imbalances mainly affect women, especially during pregnancy or childbirth, during menopause or in the case of thyroid problems or a slowing of the pituitary gland. In this case, there must be a balance of the hormones by following the appropriate prescription treatment.

In most cases of hormonal imbalances, the cause of hair loss is the overproduction of male hormones such as "dihydrotestosterone" (DHT), which accelerates the growth of hair roots in an unimaginable way, then this unusual pace of growth subsides, the hair becomes more accurate and suddenly begins to fall out and Without warning.

Genetic factors:
In many cases, sudden hair loss is caused by genetic factors, and it is called androgenic hair loss or alopecia areata (genes and hormones). Thus, heredity along with hormonal imbalance is one of the main causes of sudden hair loss. It is a problem that affects 95 percent of men and 80 percent of women.

This alopecia is, in fact, the result of an unfortunate association between the excess of male hormones present in the hair roots and the genetic predisposition to hair loss. Thus, these hormones deplete the hair and cause it to fall off quickly.

Violent emotional trauma, such as separation or death, can cause sudden and heavy hair loss. We note that very often hair loss occurs up to 4 months after trauma.

An unbalanced diet:
Some of the deficiencies in the diet are directly responsible for hair loss:

A blood test will allow you to exactly determine your shortcomings. Normally, these nutrients are an aid to overall body growth. And poetry is no exception to the rule. It requires not only vitamins - especially those in group B - but also trace elements and amino acids.

These amino acids are "arginine, glutamine or cysteine". When some of these nutrients are not available or at least not enough, this can lead to sudden hair loss. A typical case is for example, hair loss associated with a biotin deficiency - also known as vitamin B7 or vitamin H - or zinc deficiency - which is a trace element.

Some chemical treatments may cause sudden, but transient, hair loss, as hair begins to grow normally about a month after stopping treatment.

Stress is the great enemy of our hair because it affects the entire metabolism, the blood vessels in your scalp are compressed, the roots become less coherent and hair loss is imminent.

In this case, sleep is often a means of restoring the general condition of deteriorating health after a very active life and has generated additional fatigue for our bodies.

Sudden hair loss is a symptom of the disease:
Sudden hair loss can also be a sign of illness. There are many diseases that can lead to hair loss and it is difficult to provide a comprehensive list of them.

But counting, but not limited to, sudden hair loss can happen suddenly in the event of infection (alopecia). Examples include boils, shingles, fever, metabolic diseases or a thyroid disorder.

Sudden and severe hair loss can also be a sign of a serious illness, so it is always a good idea to see a doctor as soon as possible.

Consumption of some medications:
Sometimes the disease itself is not responsible for sudden hair loss, sometimes it is caused by treatments. This particularly relates to some anticancer therapies, thyroid medications, or anticoagulants.

For women, birth control pills - especially if the pill is changed - can lead to a higher rate of natural hair loss.