5 Confirmed Ways to Stop Hair Loss 2020

what's up guys my name is Joe and today we're gonna take a deep dive into hair loss remedies everything from DIY solutions you can do at home to products that you can buy to slow down and even in some cases reverse the hair loss process and big thanks to hair max for sponsoring today's video now no one wants to experience hair loss but sooner than later almost every single guy will it's hard to break it to you luckily for you we live in a day and age when nearly anything is possible so if you want to minimize that hair loss process let's go ahead and start out with step number one number

one is taking care of what you have right now don't undervalue or underappreciate the hair that you
have on your head right now even if you might not be losing any hair at this current point in time being conscious of the styling products you use how often you're washing your hair and making sure that you're using hair health products as well as a part of your styling routine are all super valuable daily choices you can be making for example wash your hair as little as possible and use dry

shampoo on days in between so you don't feel that greasy buildup washing your hair as little as possible allows for your hair to build up natural oils that helps to keep your scalp and hair moisturized and healthy every time you use shampoo you're stripping out all of these natural oils that are trying to help your hair and if you do this on a daily basis that's taken the highway to brittle dry

 5 Confirmed Ways to Stop Hair Loss 2020

hair dry hair equals damaged hair damaged hair equals hair that will fall out and that's for healthy products incorporating in natural hair oil into your routine is such an easy way to add health and moisture on a daily basis the healthier your hair is the stronger your follicles are and the less breakage will occur alright it's all maths at all 1+1 it always equals 2 all right yeah yeah that sounds right now for the rest of this list a very important thing to remember is that good things take time from real solutions that lead to actual results you have to be patient and consistent you can't just expect

overnight success so with that in mind number 2 is hair supplements hair growth supplements are getting huge now and the main reason for that is because they are proving to work just look it up yourself online and read some reviews the bloom on team is actually hard at work we're cooking up our own hair supplements we're bringing some out into the game but that's for you know a little later down the road but for now look out for supplements that contain a large amount of biotin specifically you want to look out for stuff that says like 2,000 to 5,000 Mike grams of biotin somewhere in this

 5 Confirmed Ways to Stop Hair Loss 2020

amount are proven to have the best results you can buy biotin tablets on their own you can also get
hair supplements that you know have a bunch of different vitamins that's the kind that we're specifically working on you know we're go big or go home okay boom on team working on hair supplements that has biotin but also a bunch of healthy hair ingredients but you know like I said more on that later on number three has to do with laser light technology and the laser bands that I'm going to be showing you in today's video are these guys right here from today's sponsor airmax now I'm

gonna show you exactly how this works and some before and after results from using this kind of technology but just to put everyone at ease here at the beginning hair Max's laser bands are clinically proven fda-approved and have a five month money-back guarantee just in case you know just in case of anything so what this does is distribute an even amount of therapeutic light energy it's this red stuff you see coming out directly to your follicles that helps to stimulate hair growth and even reverse thinning and hair loss no it sounds kind of scary but it's completely a hundred percent pain-free and it's super easy to use I've got two here one bigger one and one smaller one and the main difference between the two is just the amount of time it takes to complete the the treatment for that day so for

the laser band 41 which is the smaller one right here to make it work you turn it on position the band at your forehead and slide it onto the top of your head you want to make sure that when you're putting this on you are physically sliding it upwards rather than just placing it because they've got these you know these little teeth they act like combs right here in the middle so that helps to move your hair out

 5 Confirmed Ways to Stop Hair Loss 2020

 of the way it comes out of the way so that the laser lights are able to hit your scalp directly and that just makes it far more effective after 30 seconds the device vibrates and you move it to position two then 30 seconds later you move it to position three so on and so forth until you've hit all six positions so by the end you would have used this device for a total of three minutes and six different positions going from the top to the back of your head for a recommended three times a week super easy super

simple and with this bigger one over here similar concept you're using it for 30 seconds at a time but instead of six different positions it's wide enough to just use it in three different positions so you're cutting the amount of time you to use by half instead of three minutes about 90 seconds per you know / per day again about three times a week and based off of the studies most people start seeing results about 12 to 16 weeks after consistent use but just remember guys that is with consistent use you

cannot nothing nothing great comes overnight you have to be consistent you have to be patient and the results will come so if you want to check out either of these two devices or any other products from the guys over at hair max I've got a link down below also with a special discount you know just for you guys and go check it out down below number four is the shampoo that has at least 1% ketoconazole right that's the word of the day now ketoconazole is widely associated with anti dandruff treatment but most studies related to ketoconazole also show that it can be very effective when it comes to hair regrowth now while scientific studies have shown that ketoconazole can

  5 Confirmed Ways to Stop Hair Loss 2020

stimulate hair growth it's still fairly unclear as to the reason why so I can't give you that this is why explanation but nevertheless even though the reason is 100% clear the results still show that that it can be effective 1% ketoconazole shampoos are readily available on Amazon and 2% can be prescribed by a doctor at any rate if you're dealing with a bad case of dandruff which is a completely different subject this is definitely something you should look into number 5 is minoxidil most

commonly known by the brand Rogaine minoxidil works by improving the blood flow on the areas that it's applied and it's a product that you usually physically have applied to the top of your head and actually to have the least amount of side effects it's recommended to you know get the products that you apply rather than you orally take however it's gonna be a bit of an independent case depending on you know how much hair loss and how your system reacts so it's best to consult a doctor when you're dealing with this stuff but with consistent use minoxidil is shown to improve hair density and

increase the rate of growth it's also worth noting that severe hair loss probably won't be helped that much but you know if you've got minor hair loss or if you catch it kind of early again this is something worth looking into and guys that is what I have for you today it's been fairly scientific but sometimes you know science is the answer to some of these problems science is the solution if you want to check out any of the hair max products like I said got that down below again they've got a five month money-back guarantee so you're covered just in case of anything thank you guys for watching I'll see everybody next time leg day ah