hair loss and how I grew it back 2020

hello beautiful people today we're gonna talk about hair this is probably one of my most highly requested videos and I actually did make a video about hair loss and particularly plant-based or vegan hair loss several years ago when I first started my channel but it definitely deserves an update because I've learned a lot since then I know some of you might find this kind of annoying but I'm going to start disclaiming my videos with the fact that I am NOT a health care professional in any way

everything that I ever share in this channel is based on my own personal experience and things that I have learned knowledge that I have gained on my journey as everybody likes to say so with that said I definitely have experienced some hair loss within the last three years or so and I'm sure if you've ever had this happen in any capacity you can totally relate it's not fun I mean you're just grabbing at

your hair and like see okay one hair came out from each hand just now but it used to be like all of it and I just washed my hair it's normal for us to lose hairs the one thing I do have here is the fact that I went to cosmetology school I went to hair school so one thing I definitely remember from that is that it is very normal for our hair to go through cycles we shed hair naturally and regrowth happens naturally however if your hair is just constantly having fall out that's probably not good and if you've

noticed that your hair has gotten significantly thinner you might want to take a look at that because for one who wants to have their hair fall out but also generally that points to something not right going on inside of you your hair doesn't just fall out for no reason okay let me just rewind for a second let's start with the fact that I have no products in my hair right now all I did was wash and dry my hair that's it I didn't curl it because I know that that makes it look thicker and I'm not trying to

fool you guys into thinking that my hair is thicker than it actually is this is what my hair looks like naturally dry this is it so when I pull it forward that's all of my hair being pulled forward when I was in high school which was 14 years ago now yes as I graduated when I was 16 my hair was super thick you guys like it's still pretty thick right now I don't have really thin hair but it was thick thick thick I'll try and find a picture if I can anyway naturally our hair does then a little bit as we age and that is because our hormones change so the underlying thing here is definitely hormones if your hair is

 hair loss and how I grew it back 2020

falling out very quickly that's not the gradual aging natural change in hormones process that means something else is going on but let's just focus on the hormones for a second hormones play a major role in every function of the body from your mood to your skin to your hair to your ability to sleep properly hormones are major I'm not a hormone expert but I do know that and some things that can definitely disrupt your hormones are number one stress stress is huge few are experiencing lots of hair fall out and you also happen to be very very stressed might want to rethink your lifestyle a little

and figure out where you can slow down pull back take some time for yourself find some inner peace and lower your stress levels because it's a huge factor in the before-and-after picture that you saw on the thumbnail in the before picture it was I don't want to say a year ago but within the last year and my life was at maximum stress I mean I could barely even handle doing anything that was my peak
moment where I was like wow my hair is really different than it used to be before that point it hadn't really ever hit me that hard I knew that my hair was thinner than it used to be the rock bottom

 hair loss and how I grew it back 2020
moment was definitely when I took that before picture and realized that I almost was starting to get bald patches now only that I used to have extremely thick hair but now my hair is thinning so much that that is happening in that moment I decided I really have to make a change here and do something different so for one I did everything in my power to lower my stress levels I am someone who runs my own business I'm a public figure online if you have any experience with any of that you can

 understand how stressful it is if you don't just trust me it's very stressful I had gone through a breakup after being with somebody for six and a half years I had moved to yet another new city there was just a lot going on but first thing I did was start really really taking care of myself as best as I could because throughout that time of being stressed not only were my hormones affected just

because I was stressed but I also wasn't taking care of myself properly because I was so stressed just a big ugly cycle and just so you have a time reference the two pictures were probably taken within eight months of each other okay so the first thing I did was lower my stress as much as humanly possible the second thing I did which I know I'm getting crap for from some aspects of the vegan

 hair loss and how I grew it back 2020

community is I upped my protein and some people say on a vegan diet you don't need that much protein or on any diet you don't need that much protein but this is one of the things that I did that helped me the third thing that I did was make sure that I was just getting all of my nutrients in general I focused on

protein first and then really Dovan - which nutritional deficiencies cause hair loss than most any nutritional deficiency can cause hair loss because what happens is if your body is lacking those

nutrients to fuel itself properly to get those vital nutrients to your vital organs and things that continue to allow your body to function if you don't have enough of those nutrients your body starts shutting it off from places that aren't essential hair growth is one of those non-essential things you do not need

your hair to grow in order to live you do need your internal organs to function though so your body is very smart it'll just say okay shut it off right here we don't need this and you'll start to notice a lot

more hair fall out and while some of you may think that I'm a little bit neurotic with making sure that I get my nutrients and plugging everything into chronometer some of you may even think I'm ortho x'q or whatever I'm not the reason I'm doing these things is because I really want to make sure that my body is getting nourished properly not just so that my hair doesn't fall out but so that I feel my best so some of the major nutrients that you need to pay attention to aside from making sure you're

 getting plenty of essential amino acids are Omega 3s biotin choline and zinc there are probably lots of other nutrients to pay attention to but those are the major ones that I have focused on vitamin E is also important a lot of them you just want to make sure that you're getting everything you need truly otherwise you're gonna have issues somewhere even if it's not your hair I think it's important to mention that you can only become nutritionally deficient regardless of your diet or a lifestyle there

are plenty of ways to eat like crap no matter what kind of diet you're eating however sometimes on a plant-based diet people are experiencing this more and it's something that I've heard for a long time this is not a new discovery this is not me waking up from anything this is these are all things that I've been aware of for some time and as always have tried to give my best example of what a healthy diet
looks like but if at any point in time you have followed a completely junk food vegan diet or a vegan diet that's very very extreme and limited or if at some point you have calorie-restricted on a vegan

diet severely you're definitely going to have some issues guys because the thing about plants is that yes most of what you need in your diet you can get from plant foods however they're not always as bioavailable as other foods that's just a fact that's something that I've known for a long time and I think you can be healthy on a lot of different diets so I'm not here to say that vegan is the end-all be-

 hair loss and how I grew it back 2020

all for everyone because I don't know what's right for everyone but if hair loss is something that you're suffering from on any diet you have to understand that something's not right something inside is way off if you're noticing extreme hair fall out so there is one other thing that I have started doing

that has really helped my hair growth however before I get into that I do want to say that if you are experiencing this please please please get your hormones tested and please get some blood work done to see where your nutrient levels are before you do anything else before you just start taking a bunch

of supplements or whatever make sure that you know where you're at what you're possibly deficient in I don't have the answers for everybody I just know what has worked best for me so the last thing that I did to help my hair growth I do believe has really helped significantly I'm not exactly sure why but if you do if you aren't someone who wants to take supplements or anything like that don't watch

this part but for me this is something that really helped by the way before I talk about this this video is not sponsored in any way by this company I'm not getting paid to say this this company doesn't even know that I exist just want to put that out there because this is truly just something that really has worked for me I really believe that it has helped me I will have a link in the description box for

this it is an Amazon affiliate link so I make a very very small percentage on that if you guys choose to buy it through that link just in all transparency but aside from that I'm not associated with this company so this is a product it is called bio so they are vegan vegetarian friendly all of that it's one of the only clinically tested products of its kind and the main ingredient is choline again that is one of those nutrients that isn't always prominent on a plant-based diet you can get it on a plant-based diet

but it's not it's not necessarily abundant on a plant-based diet so the way that they have this choline stabilized is apparently their specialty I don't know what makes it work all I know is that my hair has been in much better condition and so have my nails and my skin since I've been taking this so if you guys wanna check this out again I will link that down below okay so I wanted to show you guys like up close and personal my hair and especially the spots that were not looking so great a few months

 hair loss and how I grew it back 2020

ago I wish that I had a before video but I don't all I have is a before picture so we'll just try and get it side-by-side here so as you can see my hair is not still not like majorly thick in that area it's really thick throughout the center and I do still have a lot of hair but in this area it's not extremely thick a lot of people have a lot thinner hair around here when I was a hair stylist I always noticed that around the face most women have not super super thick hair but you can definitely see that it's a major difference from when I was almost bald in that area my hair was scraggly and just barely barely there and just to cover all my bases I know there's gonna be people who say but you obviously dye your

hair you obviously bleach your hair II yes I do and I have been for a very very long time could that possibly have contributed to some of my hair fall out of course bleaching your hair is not a good thing for your hair and I'm aware of that however because I have been for so long either the effects took a really long time to catch up to me or something else is affecting my hair loss other than dyeing

 it which I definitely think is the case because the fact that I've been able to grow it back kind of proves that case and I have not stopped dyeing my hair I still have a full head of hair if you're down to the wire please stop dyeing or bleaching your hair it's definitely not helping the problem anyway

not that I have to justify what I do I'm just putting that out there because I'm assuming that somebody is going to mention it so if you're someone who's losing hair I really hope that this video is helpful for you just know that not one of those things fix the problem it was a combination of all of those things that fix the problem I remember a couple years ago just taking biotin thinking that biotin was just going to solve the problem and it didn't really change much which leads me to believe that it's definitely a combination of all of the things that I've been doing recently that have really really helped my hair and again I don't want to say that this is a cure-all and I wish I was sponsored by them to be

honest because I really do believe it's a good product but I do think that it's helping a lot all the other things are definitely helping too like I said it's a combination but I hope you find what works for you because I know that losing your hair is tragic and feels really really crappy so if you guys have any questions please leave them down below I will do my best to answer them and if you guys are looking for more community or other people to talk to who maybe have been to the same things or

you just want more support I do have a free health based Facebook group that I will link down below you guys can join that if you're on Facebook again it's free it's just a really great community and everybody gives their own opinion and their own advice on what they've been through on a vegan or plant-based diet and I just find it really helpful so if you are looking for a more community or you have some further more detailed questions about your own health definitely come follow that Facebook group thank you guys for watching this video thank you for being here I love you and I will talk to you soon