My experience with hair loss - how I fought it

hello everyone welcome to my channel today I am going to share my experience of almost losing all my hair or at least having a fear of that and I'm gonna talk about my hair loss problem that happened a month ago so what you see now is like 50% of what I used to have [Music] so it all started as a normal you know spring hair loss that every girl I think a lot of girls experience and I would have it

like every March and my hair would start falling off and I would realize I need more vitamins I'll take my vitamins and it would stop but this time it was completely different it started in February and the hair was falling off like crazy and what I normally do when that happens I go to a hair dress and cut my hair because I understand that the roots become really weak and they don't have enough strength to hold a long hair so I just cut my hair and I thought it would stop but it didn't so I was like okay I'm

 My experience with hair loss - how I fought it

 gonna take some vitamins for ablai I need some vitamin C because you know winter is ending our body needs more vitamin so I started taking some vitamins but the problem continued and one day I woke up and I wanted to do my ponytail and I realized it's like this thick and it was like oh my god this is something serious I started reading a lot of articles on female hair loss and one of the first things was hormones so I checked my hormones but they were in order so that wasn't the problem

and I was like what is happening and I tried to look at the videos on YouTube and everybody talked about mens hair loss and I was like is there any girl like me out there in the world losing her hair like crazy seriously because I thought I'm gonna be bold and I didn't know how to stop it I visited a doctor and I talked to her and she said ok if it's not hormones then it should have been a major stress and it was like but the last month I was I was ok I was in California I was working on a project nothing

major happened but she was like you need to look back three months ago and then I started thinking and I realized that in November I went through a surgery which wasn't like a super huge surgery but it was invasive and I was put asleep for like an hour and that was very stressful for me mentally because I hate hospitals and I think everybody would hate a Sur three okay I had this dress but when does the hair loss stop because I'm gonna lose all of my hair and she said well you cannot stop it now because during that stress in November a lot of your hair died and what's happening right now

because they died but they were still growing like your skin was still pushing out the roots once they reach the surface of your head they fall off and we don't know how many hair died and what we can do it's just support the existing here and she gave me some recommendations I know guys this is very personal so if you have this problem I advise you to see the doctor first but I wanted to share with you

 guys which vitamins and which shampoos helped me a lot the first thing this shampoo I use it once a year since I think 2012 says I said I would have liked my hair falling off every spring and this is a shampoo that has caffeine in it and it strengthens your roots it really helps me like you need to read

 My experience with hair loss - how I fought it

the instructions here and by the way this video is not sponsored so I'm just sharing what I'm using
they haven't paid me which they had but the second thing that I'm using I'm still using it it's called regain this one is from Russia because my mom brought it from me from Russia but you can find it

 anywhere I've seen it here in American stores and CVS Walgreens it promotes new hair in my case I've already lost what was dead in November so my goal right now is to have more new hair coming so I'm using it everyday just a little it's a foam a little a foam I'm putting it on my scalp and I'm hoping for some results I started taking a lot of vitamins this has been advised by a Russian blogger and she says they only sell it in the United States I bought my pack in Costco and if you're not from

 My experience with hair loss - how I fought it

 Hyuna from Costco if you're not from the state I'll try and find it online it's called youth theory call again it has 18 amino acids I don't feel like something is changing right now but I know that all of these like vitamins supplements they take some time to work and you need like six weeks so regular intake in order to see the results so I'm taking it anyway the stressful thing about it there's this big and

 it's an American thing I don't know why they're always making the spills so big but one of my friend says because if you have like a big size you feel that's there are more ingredients inside more power I don't know this is stupid I kind of chew them when you take six everyday another great thing is

omega-3 you need it anyway like even if you're not losing your hair I made a lot of research and this is the best like because the fish that they're getting the fat from it needs to be wild it cannot be farmed because if it's farmed it's losing a lot of value this is bode Vega omega-3 fish oil and by the way I started all of it like during one week I was like attacking my problem seriously I was taking it seriously and I started everything and one more thing this is folic acid but it's methylated I don't know if I'm pronouncing that right but it is already chemically transformed in a way that your body can

absorb it better and because it helps your digestion it also helps you to get more vitamins from what you're actually eating so yeah and I started taking this all of this together for three weeks and my hair loss stopped I don't know what exactly work maybe just all of the dead hair was gone maybe some vitamins help me so I still don't know whether that surgery cost that problem and I know that I've been getting the same problem over and over again just this year it has been pretty severe maybe was connected with moving from Russia to California from minus 20 Celsius to plus 20 Celsius so I will

never know what I know is like taking all of that for three weeks stuff my hair loss so again guys if you have this problem if you have a solution please share because you know March 20 and 18 I'm sure I'm gonna have this one losing my hair is really stressful because you know I don't want to end up like huff bolt so if you have any advice please share it in the comments don't take my advice like

that go to a doctor first if you have this problem and consult with the doctor because I'm not a doctor and I don't have medical education and what worked for me maybe wouldn't work for you because you have a problem with hormones or it has something different