Tips to reduce hair loss 2020 Very important

hello ladies welcome to another video in today's video we're talking about hair loss and I am so excited so many of you have requested this video and I'm finally making it now hair loss sucks I mean you're in the shower and you're washing your hair you see clumps of hair falling out or you're styling your hair and then you're cleaning your bathroom and you're just literally picking up piles of hair it's horrible because we all want volumous is that how you say it volume is what you know guys know what I mean what we want lots of hair we want thick beautiful hair so in today's video I am

going to talk about tips that have worked for me so tip number one and the first tip I always tell people when they tell me they're dealing with hair loss is stop putting your hair up all the time so if here's someone who always wears a high bun who always wears a ponytail a lot of the times during the week well that's so much tension on your hair all the freaking time so what I recommend is you

 Tips to reduce hair loss 2020 Very important

only wear your hair up when you're at the gym or when you need to keep your hair away from your face during all other times wear your hair down now if your hair is greasy just go to sleep with a huge portion of dry shampoo but still wear your hair down the next day because I used to always wear my

 hair up on days that I thought my hair was kind of greasy and I noticed that that was not healthy by hair loss like my hair was already brittle the hair follicles were brittle and I was just putting so much I needed tension on it so I started putting dry shampoo at night on those days that I would always wear my hair up because it was too greasy and that has done wonders also instead of using hair ties use

Tips to reduce hair loss 2020 Very important

scrunchies so you may say that hair ties are more fashionable and scrunchies are outdated but girl they're so much better for your hair that extra material around the scrunchie is really much more gentle on your hair the tip number two is stop with a crash dieting now there have been actually

studies on this that crash dieting does cause hair loss so if you're doing any 12-week programs where you're losing a lot of weight fast or you're starting a diet than getting off a diet so you do for example some keto or some low carb dieting and then you go back to your normal eating and you keep losing regaining weight or you're just dieting all the time well no wonder you have hair loss so instead of

crash dieting start a lifestyle make smaller changes and keep your hair tip number two is protect your hair at night so what do you should you do with your hair at night I personally love doing like a loose braid a very very loose braid no pulling or tugging you can also get a silk pillow which is also much more gentle on your hair tip number four is my faith and that is use rosemary essential oil to give yourself a massage so what I do is I grab one tablespoon of coconut oil and I put a couple drops of

rosemary essential oil in it I like to warm this up because I like the warm feeling of the oil in my hair and what I do is I gently massage my scalp so gentle rubbing and kneading your scalp is really good for increasing blood flow and using that rosemary extract really helps with the hair loss because rosemary extract extract rosemary essential oil is amazing for hair health and scalp health so it's

antibacterial so you're just going to rub that coconut oil and that rosemary essential oil in your scalp I actually don't have my rosemary essential oil because I used all of it in my hair so what I will do is I'll put a picture of the brand that I love it's super affordable and it's on Amazon and I'll also add a link this is absolutely not sponsored fYI it's just a product I use another thing is if you're not into this whole hair scalp massaging and you're like girl who has time for that then I recommend you try

 Tips to reduce hair loss 2020 Very important

L'Oreal's ever strong sulfate free shampoo now this shampoo has rosemary leaf in it well this is actually conditioner because I don't have the shampoo right now but that whole collection is honestly so good for my here I absolutely love it so it's definitely my favorite conditioner and shampoo line at the moment and it's super affordable and it has that rosemary in it so if you're not into purchasing that essential oil and rubbing that in your scalp then try this rosemary shampoo I'm also gonna add the

link in the description box and finally tip number five that is often ignored is protect your hair from
the Sun sorry hair has keratin which is prone to being influenced by Sun and you want to make sure you're not damaging your hair with UV rays if you're dealing with hair loss so wear a hat in the

summer or if the Sun is very strong in the winter put on a hat as well because that will protect your hair from excessive hair damage so I hope you ladies enjoyed these tips and if you did please give this video a thumbs up and share with your girlfriends and I'll catch you guys in the next video bye