Watermans Anti Hair Loss Shampoo Hair Growth Products Review

get everyone and welcome it I'm gonna be talking to you about the water man's hair products which they have kindly enough sent to me to review so it's a shampoo a conditioner and a leave-in serum now supposedly these products they're sulfate free paraben free and they've got ingredients in them that claim to help stimulate hair growth so I'm gonna test them out just now and then comment on what they feel like in my hand how they to my hair but they say to see what the results are you meant you use them four times a week for 30 days so I will do a follow-up

 Watermans Anti Hair Loss Shampoo Hair Growth Products Review

 video and let you know what the results are after 30 days so be sure to subscribe and come back in 30 days but for now it's time to head to the shower and shampoo condition and then treatment use the water birds grow meat shampoo it has biotin caffeine and argan oil and it says to leave it in your hair for 3 to 4 minutes root to the tip have it right in the roots and that's it smells quite nice so I'm going to leave that in for 4 minutes rinse it up and then we'll be conditioned and now use the shampoo Donna

 next is the conditioner it's got cholesterol caffeine and rosemary and they have anti DHT blockers both the shampoo and conditioner this also you've put on and you leave in your hair also three or four minutes after conditioning will give my hair a nice blow-dry and then I'll add a bit of the grow more elixir serum which has biotin Lupin protein and rosemary and that is it that is the three-step water

man's hair thickening process so just to recap there's a grow me shampoo there is a condition meat conditioner and then there's a grow more elixir obviously I can't comment yet on whether it grows back or stimulates hair I will be coming back in about 30 days and making an update video I'm gonna try and use these products four times a week as directed but it hasn't left my hair I feels quite thick so it does work in a thickening shampoo and yeah I like that it's pH neutral seem to have mostly natural

ingredients it doesn't have sulfates or parabens and yeah there's a lot more information on their website if you want to check it out I will leave a link in the description but they use proteins biotin caffeine argan oil so rosemary extract another natural DHT inhibitors there could be some non natural ones I will leave a link in the description be sure to check out their website and make your own decision but so far so good and yeah left my hair nice and nice and thick and nice nice texture

anyway that will be the video for today as I said be sure to subscribe come back in 30 days and I'll let you know if this has stimulated any hair growth but thanks for watching and I'll see you all next time