Common Medications That Make You Gain Weight

hey there everyone weight gain is no fun that's the understatement of the year those of us who've experienced a dramatic increase in body fat can attest to this while most people attribute weight gain to diet there are other factors involved try medication for example prescribed medicine we consume in our daily lives can have a profound effect on our body let's discuss 7 medications that are making you gain weight are you by chance taking steroids how about any depressants weight not my precious sleeping pills we're talking all that and more number 1 sleeping pills let's kick things off with one that may alarm you the most between 50 to 70 million Americans are currently suffering from sleep

disorders as a result the use of sleeping pills and other sleep inducing substances are rampant throughout the United States about 4 percent of adults report using sleep medication in order to get proper rest while there are several side effects of using sleeping pills weight gain is among the most notable studies have shown that sleeping pills are associated with something known as sleep eating have you ever heard of this phenomenon also known as parasomnia sleep eating describes the undesired urge to eat after waking up in the middle of the night in most cases you're partially awake

 Common Medications That Make You Gain Weight

 and have little to no memory of what you did this leads to fatigue throughout the day as well as lazy behavior these issues assist your weight gain what's even worse is that in many ways it's a lose-lose situation yes sleep meds are known to cause weight gain but lack of sleep can lead you down the same road my advice would be to consult a medical expert do you find this video interesting so far well strap in because we've got more on the way before we continue don't forget to subscribe to our

Channel hit that like button and ring the notification bell to stay up to date on all of our great bestie videos number 2 birth control weight gain has long been suspected as a side effect of birth control whether it lasts for a long period of time or fluctuates back and forth studies from the 1960s show that birth control did in fact cause you to shoot up and pounds however these studies have been dismissed as a product of their time fifty years ago birth control pills were loaded with estrogen if consumed in high doses estrogen can result in dramatic mood swings that lead to emotional eating if you were using birth control at this time you may have gained a significant amount of weight fast forward to today numerous studies have shown no significant proof that birth control pills trigger weight gain

Common Medications That Make You Gain Weight

any weight gain that is gained during this period of time is normally lost within two to three months number three antidepressants much like sleeping pills antidepressants are something an unhealthy amount of people depend on as of 2018 at least 25 million US adults were using any depressants over a span of two years if you're among these folks you need to be weary of the side effects one of them being weight gain did you know that if you suffer from depression you're 58 percent more likely to

become obese this is normally due to the medications you're taking meds such as zoloft celexa and paxil are three prime examples if the meds are not what's making you gain your lifestyle will be what depression strips away much of your motivation as a result you're often left overeating if you're currently taking any depressants and notice that you've packed on a few try switching to a healthier diet this way you can counter the side-effects and decrease your chances of packing on the pounds number four steroids while this is not what usually comes to mind when you hear the word

 Common Medications That Make You Gain Weight

medication steroids do count most of us associate the substance with performance enhancement when in fact they serve as much more steroids our synthetic drug resembling cortisol a natural hormone produced by your body they work by decreasing inflammation as well as the activity of your immune system steroids are known to treat conditions like lupus and arthritis but with their benefits can also come weight gain retinas own and cortisone steroids caused this as well as water retention this can

increase your appetite steroids can affect your metabolism which also contributes to your weight shooting up if you're not burning calories as quickly you're going to get bigger keep in mind that major weight gain is usually seen with higher doses if you're taking steroids or considering them as an option you need to be sure that you're taking the proper dosage make sure that you're in contact with your doctor are you concerned about your weight gain while corn teaming when you're isolated

Common Medications That Make You Gain Weight

for a long period of time you can lose track of your health check out our recent video discussing nine ways you can weight gain during self-isolation now back to our discussion on seven medications that make you gain weight number five insulin this is something we're hearing about more these days the global prevalence of diabetes among adults has increased from 4.5% in 1980 to 8.5% in 2014 insulin is a hormone made by your pancreas without it your body won't be able to turn sugar into energy

since people with diabetes are unable to produce insulin naturally they require insulin medications to maintain once taken the insulin is meant to reduce the sugar level within your bloodstream and help your body's tissues function properly but certain diabetes medications have been linked to weight gain these include a vendhya Actos and glucose role another factor to consider is your diet before beginning insulin therapy diabetics often have extremely poor eating habits unfortunately this doesn't change once they get proper treatment your medication with an unhealthy diet can also result in significant weight gain if you're taking insulin meds and notice a difference on the scale it's important not to take yourself off the medications yes your weight may increase but you risk further health

 Common Medications That Make You Gain Weight

complications as your diabetic symptoms worsen if you're at risk for diabetes and do not yet require insulation try making some drastic lifestyle improvements these include changes to your diet as well as frequent exercise there are so many healthy meal choices for you to consider not to mention easy workouts you can complete in a half hour time span number six antihistamines for most summertime means fun for some it means a whole lot of unpleasant allergies with summer right around the corner many of these people will be taking medications to combat them antihistamines are drugs used to treat allergies they work by blocking histamines a chemical released by your body to fight reactions

when you have an allergic reaction your body will sometimes release too much histamine as a result you're left with symptoms such as itchiness or runny nose unbeknownst to many are the side effects of allergy meds did you know that a common side effect of antihistamine treatment is weight gain a study from 2012 showed that those who took antihistamines such as benadryl and Allegra weighed between 4:00 to 9:00 p.m. more than those who didn't as it turns out the cause is a common one among medications blocking histamines can boost your appetite if you're taking large amounts of medicine for your condition you may feel the urge to eat more than you should if an antihistamine is

only taken on a short-term basis your weight gain won't be as significant number seven beta blockers are you familiar with this type of medication for the sake of simplicity let's just say beta blockers are medication used to treat high blood pressure they work by blocking the effects of adrenaline in turn your heart will beat at a slower pace many of those taking beta blocking treatment do not anticipate weight gain as a side-effect as your heart rate lowers so does your metabolism this means that it won't be working is hard to break down your food and burn calories along with a slower metabolism beta

blockers also bring on fatigue with less energy throughout the day you won't feel as inclined to do anything this can encourage you to eat more while sitting around who doesn't like a good bag of chips while laying on the couch and watching TV one of the best ways to combat this effect is eating healthier and following an active workout regimen you can also consult your doctor about changing medications did you find this video useful have you experienced weight gain from any of these meds let us know in the comments section below we'd love to hear from you